Welcome to my journey!

These days after christmas....


... how I enjoy this precious and somehow magical time in between.  :)

Finally I  just find time for myself after all christmas-nick-nack and grandmothers coffee party.

Year for year I always ask myself the same questions: Why do we all  follow exactly the same procedure?

Why are we celebrating someones birth who we never meet once in our lifetime?

Why is everyone pretend to have fun and the most entertaining time of the year?
And why do we strictly need to follow rules although everyone is overwhelmed already from the stress of a hard-working-year?

I mean traditions who obviously no one truly believe in anymore?

Yes, I admit that I don´t desire christmas since I figuered out that Santa was the husband of my friends aunt.
After this happened, I started wondering why people always try to convince each other while they try to make conversation.

Doesn´t even children feel the need to impress a made-up character to get loved and rewarded? Is it that necessary?

Sometimes it seems like christmas became a competition for everyone around me. Every year I notice more  masses of crazy lights and offers, pretending to hide the desire of love and lots of unfullfilled needs.

Please don´t get me wrong, I really like the idea of people coming together on a special day to be with each other.

Purifying our minds of hate, jealousy and fear.  Celebrate love and feel the essentials!

But how should feel people who are stuffed with loads of food and overdosed by Media-entertainment?
Consciousness doesn´t happend by itself...

But everbody is able to work on it, every single day.


Love, Peace                         



           A wake up-call


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